Small Groups

Ministry occurs in the context of relationships.

You and I were made for relationship, to do life together.  God has placed us here in this season to build each other up, to make room in our lives and our schedules to care, pray, play and to remind each other of the mission God has given us.


What? Sermon Based Curriculum. By talking through the weekend message with your small group, the week-end is enhanced, and our study of God’s word is deepened church wide.

Where? In Homes. We believe a comfortable environment helps us listen, learn, and build healthy, meaningful relationships. Meeting in homes around the Central Coast is part of creating that environment.

When? Once a semester, for about nine weeks. Each group will have a different time/day of the week to meet.

If you have questions or would like more information, contact or Wendee in the church office (805) 489-4200.


"My Grace Bible Church small group walked with me through a life crisis"