Child Dedication

This little light of mine. We’re going to help it shine.

A child is a blessing from the Lord. And with that blessing comes a responsibility to protect, instruct, and shepherd their heart. At Grace Bible Church, you don’t have to do it alone.

We believe that Christian parents have a responsibility to raise their children in accordance with biblical truth. Above all, it’s our calling to clear their path and point them to Jesus. In light of this responsibility, Grace Bible Church considers Child Dedication a family experience, wherein the whole family is publicly commissioned and supported in the lifelong task of raising their child.

As a church, we take this opportunity to pray for each family member, their responsibilities, and for the child themselves. In addition to starting off the child’s life with a solid spiritual base, Child Dedication is a way to corporately affirm our trust in God for those we cherish most.

If you are interested in dedicating your child at Grace Bible Church, you can meet with a pastor to review the purpose of your child’s dedication and set the details. Please contact Betsy Newell to start the process. A few important things to keep in mind:

  • The Dedication ceremony does not make a child a Christian. As parents, that’s one thing we cannot do for our kids; each person must make their own decision to follow Christ.
  • Parents can, however, lay a foundation for their child’s faith by their own example and by teaching them the way of the Lord. We consider that our foremost calling as parents.
  • The Dedication ceremony is not a baptism, and it’s not a church sacrament. It does not impart salvation or elevate a child’s spiritual status. It is also not required in any way.
  • Child Dedication is simply a publicly made commitment to set a godly example and teach your child to follow Christ. It’s also an opportunity for the church to do the same, express its support for your family, and pray