Pro-tips on finances, marriage and parenting. Who needs those, right?

For all the rest of us, Grace Bible Church offers elective courses for key areas of life. Let’s live, learn, and figure out the challenging issues together. Come with your tough questions.

Have you ever heard someone say, “there is no such thing as absolute truth”? Perhaps after sharing some profound truth, you’ve had a friend reply, “that may be true for you, but it isn’t true for me.” Have you ever heard someone talk about how everyone and everything in the universe is connected or how this world is simply an illusion? Many times interactions with our families, friends, and neighbors leave us scratching our heads and wondering how they can think and say the things they do.

You’re a Christian; you’ve been saved (or maybe you’re not, and you’re exploring). You know what you are saved from, but do you know what you are saved for? Maybe you are struggling to figure out whether something in our culture is wrong or right in God’s eyes or how the scriptures written thousands of years ago apply to life in California in 2018?

We will be exploring these questions over eight weeks beginning February 4th. The focus during weeks one through four will be on our culture and questions of reality and truth. During weeks five through eight, we will dive into the story of Scripture to get a clearer picture of God’s intentions for us and all humanity, and to develop a framework for evaluating the dilemmas we face as Christians in this, our culture.

Acts 17:16-34