Junior High

Junior high ministry: more energy than a nuclear plant. On fire for Jesus.

Grace Bible Church gives junior highers a safe place to run, scream, ask questions, throw pizza, laugh, learn Scripture, find friends, get weird, and worship. It’s the best part of middle school.

If you’ve never been to a junior high ministry meeting, you haven’t fully lived. There’s nothing in the world like kids at this age discovering the life-changing lessons of Christ and what it means to follow him daily throughout junior high. At Grace Bible Church, we work to equip our 7th and 8th graders for the challenges they can expect as young believers. And we have a ton of fun!

Our ultimate goal is to provide an inviting environment for spiritual instruction and learning. We also aim to connect students with each other, trained leaders who can help show them the way, and Jesus himself. Every kid is welcome. There’s plenty of high fives and pizza to go around.

Junior High Room
Sunday - 9:15am
Wednesday - 7-8:45pm

If you would like to assist or volunteer with GBC junior high ministry, come on aboard! Here’s the application.