Men’s Ministry

What makes a man? A strong heart and a lot of love.

You can go at life alone, but you won’t get that far. Men’s Ministries at Grace Bible Church are built to cultivate commitment to Christ and authentic community. We seize the day together.

The Men's Ministry at Grace Bible Church is founded on the idea that a sound church requires strong leadership from faithful men devoted to Jesus. We aspire to impact both our church and local community by first creating a culture that encourages biblical manhood. As a ministry, here are our core values and mission:

  • We will be strong on the inside, totally submitted and committed to Jesus, our Savior.
  • We will fully fulfill our personal roles as godly husbands, fathers, brothers, and servants.
  • We will be accountable to each other, walking sincerely in faith, shoulder to shoulder.
  • We aspire for Christ to reproduce himself through us, leaving a lasting spiritual legacy.

To support these goals and encourage spiritual development, Men’s Ministry provides several quality resources and programs, broadly grouped into four categories. Take a look and decide which best fits you, then dive right in. Wherever you are in life, whatever you’re bringing to the table – good, bad, and ugly – we’re ready for you.

  • Adventure
    We regularly have gatherings, retreats, backpack trips, and other interest-based events, all designed to draw us back to the adventure of life. Let’s live it!
  • Leadership
    We focus on equipping men in their biblical calling to be godly husbands, fathers, brothers, co-workers, and leaders in the church. We all have something to learn.
  • Band of Brothers
    We connect with each other through men’s small groups and one-on-one accountability relationships. Friendship and the freedom to be honest – that makes a healthy pack.
  • Mission
    We look for opportunities to give ourselves away for the sake of the Gospel. We take Christ’s great commission seriously and participate in outreach and missions.


Men’s Bible Study Fellowship (BSF): Jeff King, verse by verse study of Romans, Mondays @ 6:40pm, Oak Park Christian Church (805) 710-6191

33: The Series: Bob Hatmaker, men’s group study, Tuesdays @ 6:30pm during Awana, GBC High School Room (805) 710-3130

Various Studies: Dave Stout, Tuesdays @ 6:15am, GBC Chapel (805) 710-3130

Proverbs: Lance Runels, men’s verse by verse bible study, Wednesdays @ 6:00am, GBC Community Room (805) 598-8441

Experiencing God: Dan Thompson, Wednesdays @ 6:30pm, GBC S5/6 Room (805) 235-0560

John 13-17: Pastor Jason Whalen, men’s verse by verse bible study, Thursdays @ noon, GBC (805)489-4200

Philippians: Richard Kier, men’s verse by verse bible study, Thursdays @ Noon, GBC S5/6 room (805) 757-3918

Sat 24 Discipleship Training: Lance Runels, open discussions from Man in the Mirror, 2nd & 4th Saturdays @ 7:15am, GBC Community Room (805) 598-8441

Pure Desire: Bill Hart, a recovery group for those searching for hope, freedom and healing from the pain of sexual addiction, intimacy disorders and shame, all in a confidential setting. (805) 710-5119

Fellowship Team: Richard Beebe, looking for men that would like to be involved with the organization and implementation of large fellowship events for guys. Scope of service to include arranging facilities, securing supplies, directing set-up and tear-down, arranging for meal preparation, greeting and serving. (805) 459-3546

Service Projects Team: Greg Bacon, looking for men that would like to be involved with design, layout and construction of exterior raised decks at God’s Country Foster Homes in Huasna Valley. We are in the planning process now. If you are breathing, you’re qualified! Looking forward to having fun with the boys! (805) 779-0240