New Here

We love kids. Especially yours. Now let’s have some fun!

Grace Bible Church is a great starting point for any child’s spiritual journey. We’re honored to play that role. Our lineup of creative, quality programs are designed to nurture and instill faith.

If it’s your first Sunday visiting Grace Bible Church with your children, rest assured, we want your children’s ministries experience to be smooth and seamless. Follow these simple steps, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our volunteers.

  1. Register your child. Please visit the Children’s Center Window, where you can complete a registration form, including contact, health, and security information. You can learn the appropriate classroom for your child and get directions at that time. The form applies for all weekday and weekend programs, infants through 6th graders.
  2. According to age, your child is then added to their class list for future quick and easy check-ins. If your child is elementary school-aged, they can come to the Window and check themselves in, as long as they are already registered.
  3. Once you’ve checked in, you’ll receive a nametag for your child to wear that morning. If your child is kindergarten-aged and under, you will also receive a secure parent-tag for use when checking your child out. This helps ensure the safety of all children in our care.
  4. Walk your child to their classroom, drop them off, and enjoy your morning worship. We’ll take it from here!
  5. At the end of each service, you can pick up your child from their classroom (don’t forget your secure parent-tag, if you have one!). If they are attending both services, just check them in again for the second service. Note: Preschool through kindergarten classes run straight through both services, so you do not need to pick up your little one and check them out and in between services.